Tristan Thompson ‘Furious’ Over Kanye West Diss

“Tristan [Thompson]‘s not taking Kanye[West]‘s diss well. He’s furious that Kanye would do him that way. He feels betrayed by Kanye — he thought they were friends, so it hurts.

Tristan Thompson

Kanye’s saying he’s all about the love, but he’s taking cheap shots at Tristan, and even worse, he did it on the night of Tristan’s first game in the NBA finals,” a friend of Tristan’s tells HollywoodLife.

Kanye trolled Tristan Thompson for cheating on Khloe Kardashian when he rapped, “All these THOTs on Christian Mingle/That’s what almost got Tristan single” on his new album, which was released on June 1. We can understand why Tristan’s upset, but we can’t say it wasn’t deserved.

Unfortunately for Tristan, it may have been what set him off last night and led to his fight with Draymond Green on the basketball court during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Our source explains, “Tristan got a heads up about the diss right before the game last night and it really upset him. A lot of people are convinced that’s why he lost his cool. He’s usually so much more in control. Tristan hasn’t gone so far as to blame Kanye for his fight, but he’s for sure done with any kind of friendship. He didn’t feel welcome in Khloe’s family before, but this has pushed him over the edge.”

Not only did her man cheat on her during her pregnancy, but now she has to deal with her family constantly throwing jabs at her man. Before Kanye hit back at Tristan, Kim Kardashian trashed him during an appearance on Ellen, when she said the entire cheating scandal was “f***ed up”. Khloe may have forgiven Tristan, but it could take more time for her family to follow suit.

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