Fans Share Concern For Johnny Depp As Photo Surfaces Of The Actor Looking “Thin”

Being in the public eye, most celebrities will be used to copping a fair bit of stick for their looks – might not seem very fair, but it does seem to come with the territory these days.

Johnny Depp

David Beckham changes his hairstyle to something daft (again) and people go wild,
Tara Reid posts a picture in a bikini looking slim and someone decides she needs to ‘see a therapist’, Conor McGregor is pictured with a ‘bulge’ on display and, well, you know… and now the latest victim is Johnny Depp.

Photographs have emerged of the Pirates Of The Carribean actor posing with fans and they have sparked fear that he is ‘ill’, according to the Daily Mail.

Fifty-four-year-old Depp happily posed for photographs with female fans before setting off for a performance with his band, The Hollywood Vampires.

One took to Facebook to say: “I think that my hero looks ill.”
Another added: “Fuck me, is that Johnny Depp?”
And a third commented: “You need to be eating more, sir, you are looking a little thin. We don’t want to lose you. I have lost enough celebrities already, that I cared very much for.”

In the photographs, Depp appears to be smiling – well, fair enough, he’s just met a fan and they’re enthusiastic.
Earlier in the week, in Moscow, he was pictured wearing sunglasses and a hat while visiting a museum and fans branded him ‘sick’ and ‘weak’ upon seeing his appearance.

However, as his upcoming film Richard Says Goodbye sees him playing a college professor who’s given a life-changing terminal diagnosis, maybe it’s all for work and these fears are all for nothing.

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