iLLBliss Reveals His Wife Is The Secret Behind His Weight Loss

Nigerian Rapper iLLBliss, has always had a big stature, which earned him a nickname, Oga Boss. But in recent times, the rapper has reduced in size.

iLLBliss weight loss

While speaking with Sunday Scoop, Ill Bliss said his wife was one of the reasons he had to do something about his size.

He said, “Now, I run a lot and I try to stay fit. My wife told me I must do something about my size. She told me that whenever I took pictures, I looked like someone’s father. Even though I have reduced now, imagine I take a picture with Wizkid or Olamide; I will look like their father. I used to be bigger than this, but it was not working for me health wise.”

The rapper, however, stressed that he was not told by doctors to shed weight but a personal decision. “Health is everything. I now feel like dying any day I don’t run. If you don’t go to the gym, it makes sense to do something that exercises your body. If sex works for you, do it but play safe.

iLLBliss also recalled how everyone used to praise him as the Nigerian Notorious B.I.G. even though he knew they were only ridiculing him. He said, “Those days, I was a big man, people were hailing me as Notorious B.I.G. of Nigeria, but they were lying to me. They were only ridiculing me.

“For instance, look at Rick Ross and Fat Joe; they don’t want to be big any longer. How come they are now running from the same thing that made them a brand? If being big is such an important thing, why hasn’t the record company dropped Rick after he lost weight?”

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