Kanye West Gets Rappers Banned From Wyoming Ranch After “Ye” Listening Party

Kanye West launched the release of his album Ye with hundreds of attendees that included fellow celebrities and artists, journalists, influencers and more in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Kanye West

While Kanye West is the first rapper to host a listening party in Diamond Cross Ranch in Wyoming, it’s looking like he’ll also be the last.

TheBlast recently spoke to Jane Golliher, owner and operator of Diamond Cross Ranch, where Kanye West hosted his Ye listening party. She admits that it was a good opportunity for more exposure for their business but it was also the “most confusing” event they’ve helped coordinate.

Golliher explained that the event was a “learning curve,” specifically because of the music. She says ‘Ye was originally planned to be hosted inside of the ranch but he changed his mind “every 30 minutes” which resulted in the party being hosted outside.

Unfortunately, the loud music caused several of the ranch’s neighbors to complain. She maintains that ‘Ye’s team was amazing but she felt like she was misled by the details. She also said ‘Ye’s team made it pretty obvious that he does whatever he pleases. However, she says she has no problems with Kanye.

Teton County has pretty strict rules when it comes to noise. They say that any sound after 10 p.m. has to be kept beneath 80 decibels but ‘Ye and his party had the music as loud as 120 decibels. In addition, the party was expected to end at 10 p.m. but didn’t start until 9:30 p.m.

At one point, Golliher’s husband threatened to cut the power on the event unless it shuts down. She also had to send employees to neighboring lodges to avoid anybody making any complaints with the county.

Unfortunately, she says that there will be “no more rappers” at the ranch but she’s open to events with “good music.” In addition, she says they undercharged the event and would’ve charged $50K in retrospect.

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