Kanye West’s “Ye” Album Is Leading Fans To Burna Boy’s “Ye” Song

In the age of internet music streaming, more music is available to the average listener than ever before, Sometimes, a new song or album can send you off into a completely different direction, as was the case with Burna Boy and Kanye West.

Burna boy

Burna Boy is an afrobeat and reggae singer songwriter who hails from Nigeria. He’s experienced popularity in his own country and across boarders too.

However, a lucky similarity he shares with Kanye West has accidentally introduced his music to an unexpected number of people.

As it so happens, Kanye decided to name his album Ye, partly after his own name and partly because of the word’s meaning in the Bible. By coincidence, Burna Boy happened to have a single out called “Ye,” and fans looking for Kanye’s music online have stumbled across Burna Boy instead.

The track, which was featured on Burna Boy’s 2018 mixtape, Outside, had a spike in popularity after Kanye released his Ye.

According to The Fader, Burna Boy’s “Ye” streaming numbers have jumped 200% since last Friday. He even posted a video on Twitter, thanking Kanye for the help and vibing along with “Yikes” off the new album.

Maybe Kanye should reach out so they could to a collab between both Ye’s, just an idea.

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