Man Stabs His 80-Year-Old Mother Over Unprepared Lunch

Bejjam Kishore, 45, allegedly stabbed his mother to death after finding that she had failed to prepare him the lunch he wanted.

Man stabs mother

Kishore had reportedly brought home some chicken and asked his 80-year-old mother
Bejjam Mariammato to prepare a chicken curry.
He then went off on a drinking session, the Times of India has reported.
When he came home from his sesh to find that the lunch he’d asked for was not ready, he went into a frenzy, stabbing his own mum.

The man is believed to be an alcoholic, and lives in Badepuram in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Neighbours rushed to the scene after hearing the elderly woman’s screams – her son had already fled. Officers are now searching for Kishore.

She is believed to have died at the scene, where he was also heard shouting at her.
It’s also been reported that Kishore lived with his mother after his wife left him because of his alcoholism, taking their children with her.

He used to work as a rural medical practitioner before alcoholism tore his life apart.

The New Indian Express has reported that the argument broke out about rice, and that she was stabbed in the chest and killed instantly.

A similar story emerged from the Times of India late last month, too, when a woman axed her husband to death after they argued about food.

After the argument, he opted to sleep outside on the veranda rather than with his fuming wife. Once he’d nodded off, she came out and struck him three times in the neck with an axe.

Disturbingly, she then ran to tell her in-laws that their son wouldn’t get up, and feigned ignorance.
A local police inspector said that the couple were suffering with financial difficulties and argued daily about food.

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