Wiz Khalifa Says His Beef With Kanye West Is Dead

Wiz Khalifa said he’s willing to end the beef between the two as he was leaving the swanky Poppy in West Hollywood where he was asked by paparazzi if he heard Kanye West shouting him out on his new track, “Yikes”.

Wiz Khalifa

The Pittsburgh native responded, saying he loved the hypothetical peace-pipe moment Yeezy rapped about and would even be down to share some Khalifa Kush, his personal strain.

Two years ago, Kanye fired back at Wiz after Yeezy thought that Khalifa took a shot at his wife Kim Kardashian. Ye retaliated with a statement about getting trapped by a stripper, namely Amber Rose.

With this minor misunderstanding now water under the bridge, hopefully we can expect some well overdue gems from these two

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