This Is Nigeria: Another Muslim Group Takes Sides With Falz

A Muslim group known as Muslim Against Terror has taken sides with rapper Falz over his controversial ‘This Is Nigeria‘ music video. The group tackles Muslim Rights Concern group, MURIC, saying it does not have an understanding of veil usage.

Muslim group supports Falz

MURIC’s issue with the video was the female dancers wearing Hijabs and seen dancing ‘Shaku Shaku’.

Read the statement by Muslim Against Terror below:

“In clear contradiction to what MURIC’s Professor Ishaq Akintola claimed, Islam or Muslim was NEVER mentioned in the video and the veil is not owned by Islam but worn by anyone who so feels, hopefully to the pleasure of Muslims and worn by nuns and sometimes forcibly doused by terrorists on their captors as happened in the Chibok case.

“Where did Ishaq see Islam or Muslim in this video?

“Was this subvert threat of a possible repeat of radical and meaningless, unjustified violence by misguided Islamists in the past, a means of merely defending the Buhari administration possibly negatively affected by the viral video and defending Fulani herder-related terrorism by attempting to present the video as religiously provocative? The video was not.

“If at all the video provoked any religion it was the Christian faith, by ridiculing pastors casting out demons via grabbing female breasts, and also laying direct attacks at pastors involved in the establishment of universities which their congregations cannot attend.”

Instead of threatening Falz with legal action, the group urged MURIC to focus on the issues raised in the video.

“As regards truths of value in the video, there were very many that seemed not to be digested by Professor Ishaq, including: that the people are extremely poor, medical facilities are poor, that we operate a predatory neocolonial-capitalist system fueled on fraud and exploitation, bedeviled with institutionalized corruption, that criminal cases are settled in police stations and not courts, police station closing by six, no electricity, youth work multiple jobs and yet are called lazy by the president.”

The group urged that MURIC be careful of the propagation of sensitive messages.

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