Google-Funded Startup, Kitty Hawk Unveils Flying Car Model For Test Flights

A flying car project has unveiled a model that can be taken for test flights by potential buyers, Kitty Hawk, a start-up company funded by Google co-founder Larry Page, says it is “an exciting first step to sharing the freedom of flight”.

Kitty hawk

The company says the vehicle is designed to flown for recreational purposes over water and uncongested areas.

An early version of Flyer was shown off last year. No price has been specified for the flying car.

The electric aircraft had 10 small lift rotors on its wings. This enables it to complete a vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter.

At a distance of 15m (50ft) away, the “car” is said to be as loud as the average lawnmower.
Test flights by first timers take place over water, with top speeds limited at 20mph and the altitude restricted to no more than 3m (10ft).

The uncovered cockpit appears to be big enough for one person. An early version of Flyer was shown off last year.

The company opened for business last year in California, and its prototype has been tested in New Zealand.

“Making Flyer accessible, which is what we do at our Lake Las Vegas training facility, helps more people experience the freedom and possibilities of vehicles of the future,” a Kitty Hawk spokeswoman said.

“Our immediate priority is to invite small groups of people – customers, influencers, media and community members – to experience the freedom of flight here in our newly opened training facility.”

People interested in buying Flyers were invited at the website to apply for an invitation to do so, with no price specified.

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