Kate Spade’s Sister Believes Her Suicide Was A Result Of Bipolar Disorder

Reta Saffo, Kate Spade’s sister, is revealing that the designer suffered from severe depression for years, but refused to seek professional help in fear of tarnishing her “happy-go-lucky” image.

Kate Spade's Sister

In a statement to CBS New York, Saffo admits that her sister was “surrounded by YES people for far too long, therefore she did not receive the proper care for what I believe to be (and tried numerous times to get help for) Bipolar disorder.” She continues to note how her mental illness could be a result of her “immense celebrity.”

“She never expected it — nor was she properly prepared for it. Unfortunately, untreated, it finally took its toll on her,” Saffo admits.

Spade left a note that directly addressed how her 13-year-old daughter Frances Beatrix Spade was not to blame for her suicide. Instead, the late fashion icon reveals how marital and financial woes, including talks of husband Andrew Spade wanting a divorce, factored into her decision to end her life prematurely.

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