Anthony Bourdain’s Cause Of Death Revealed

According to the NY Daily News, Bourdain used a belt from his hotel bathrobe in order to commit suicide.


French prosecutor, Christian de Rocquigny, also told reporters that “there is no element that makes us suspect that someone came into the room at any moment.” He also confirmed that the medical examiner had found to evidence of violence on Bourdain’s body. Toxicology tests are being performed in order to get a further understanding of what might have led to this tragic event.

Bourdain traveled the world, exposing his viewers to new and exciting cultures while always making sure to allow the people from the places he visited to speak for themselves. He was charming and edgy, and had fans all around the world. However, he was also very open about his life as a former drug addict, and would speak plainly about his struggles with depression as well.

Depression can be a completely debilitating and hard condition to deal with, and there’s no easy fix either. If you, or someone you know, may be struggling with depression, try and reach out to them.

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