Reverend Father With Ebola Cured After Prayers

Father Ambunga turned into taken to the town of Bikoro wherein there is an Ebola remedy centre within the popular sanatorium.


He became given a smooth invoice of health overdue remaining month, but stayed on in Bikoro to get better similarly.

When he again to Itipo on Friday he turned into greeted by a joyous crowd, who carried him on their shoulders and chanted “The hero this year is Courage (Father Ambunga’s nickname).”

He burdened how moved he was to be lower back.

“I can’t’ provide an explanation for to you now Madame. It’s too much for me,” stated Father Lucien. “What I can say, what’s in my heart, is pleasure. “

WHO’s social anthropologist for the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Julienne Anoko says it’s critical to help humans who have recovered from Ebola as they return to their communities. “We need to take care of their reintegration because many of them are being stigmatized with the aid of their communities due to the fact the communities don’t realize, they’re afraid.”

Dada became among the first showed Ebola sufferers within the contemporary outbreak to be cured of Ebola. Dada is slowly choosing up the pieces of his lifestyles.

On 6 June, representatives from the Ministry of Health and Caritas Internationalis got here to his domestic with a care bundle – a bucket containing food staples such as rice and sardines and family items which include soap.

Dada says he’s feeling exact, “For the instant, I experience very, very, strong. I don’t have the virus.”

His uncle is happy his nephew is doing well, “As a member of the family, I am glad to look my relative alive and doing nicely.”

With assist from WHO, Dada is taking capture up lessons and is hoping to skip his baccalaureat exam later this month.

He stated, “If I’m lucky and I get my diploma and get hold of support, I will hold my research.”

Local fitness officials say there are 14 people who have recovered from Ebola within the Itipo region and on Monday (June eleven), many met with WHO’s Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Dr Tedros got here to Itipo to have a look at the scaling up of the reaction in the network, which lies on the heart of the current outbreak.

“Not handiest have they survived however they may be already running to shop others,” stated Dr Tedros. “It’s exceptional that they are higher and now it’s essential that they’re supporting their network. “

The humans who have recovered from Ebola created an association on 11 June to offer m.utual guide and are helping to raise attention of the community on Ebola prevention. Dada is running on the Saint Luke Health Facility in Itipo, where a few Ebola patients are receiving care from the Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) crew in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. He is supplying counseling to the sufferers.

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