“The Grinch” Makes A Return Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

The Grinch is back this holiday season.
It’s been 18 years since Jim Carrey stole Christmas as the Grinch, which means it’s about time for another Hollywood remake.

The grinch

The timeless Dr. Seuss tale has been a classic holiday story for decades, and now the angry green antagonist will return to the big screen. This time, the Grinch will delight fans in CGI form, and the new film will be brought to life by the same studio that created the Despicable Me franchise, Illumination Entertainment.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, who most notably just handed Thanos the time stone like it was nothing in Avengers: Infinity War, The Grinch looks like it aims to be just as much of a comedy as the Carrey version.

A new trailer released for The Grinch highlights the film’s more comedic moments, with the angry fuzzy resident of Who-Ville spending quality time with his dog. At least one thing is for sure, you can hate Christmas, but you can’t hate puppies. The Grinch and his pup attempt to steal Christmas from the townspeople, but it appears the task may be harder than they thought.

Get ready for a family movie that will bring a smile to even your most stoic uncle’s face. The Grinch hit theaters on November 9.

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