A Course About Frank Ocean Introduced At UC Berkeley

Frank Ocean is getting a student taught course.

Frank Ocean

UC Berkeley students will be treated to a special class this Fall. According to Fader, UC Berkely student Preya Gill and Deborah Chang came up with the idea to teach a Frank Ocean inspired class after bonding to his music. UC Berkeley allows student taught courses, and the university approved Gill and Chang’s idea. “I proposed a course on Frank Ocean @ UC Berkeley and it got approved! Very stoked to be teaching it in the fall. Come sign up,” Gill wrote on Twitter.

The course, called “Brain Like Berkeley,” will cover Ocean’s “artistic history, upbringing, background, musical influences, artist identity, and the way he challenges dominant social concepts such as toxic-masculinity and gender politics.” The girls feel as if their bond with Ocean’s music can be recreated for a valuable learning experience. “We want to encourage a deep literary exploration of his artistry both in lyrics and through his visuals and live performances. We hope to provide a safe environment where students can discuss his poetry and music with sensitivity, creative respect, and open-mindedness,” the ladies told Fader. It appears as if students aren’t the only ones excited for the new class.

According to a tweet from Gill, Ocean’s mother is thrilled at the idea of a class based on her son’s music.

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