Drake’s Alleged Girlfriend Zmeena Orr Sends Message To Haters

The curvy Zmeena Orr is the most recent lady to have been pictured out and about with the Canadian superstar and she has helped to promote his upcoming album on her socials.

Zmeena Orr

However, her appearance with the 6ix god has made a few people jealous, heading to her comments box to trash her and spread negative messages to which she felt the need to respond to.

Noting that this is the last time she will speak to the haters, Zmeena seems to be experiencing a larger influx of rude messages since being spotted with Drake.

The adult film star addressed the masses, writing, “I’m a woman before anything I think it’s ashamed [sic] that all these women I love so much and would embrace with open arms if I ever met you in person try their best to hurt and tear me down by saying whatever they feel will hurt me.” Continuing her long-winded statement, Orr said, “What have I done or said to you to make you hate me??? What’s really crazy is how can you hate a person you never even met and don’t even know!!!”


The actress ended her response with an “SMH” and a face-palm emoji, noting her frustration regarding the entire issue. Hopefully, her message prompts her attackers to halt their disrespect. See her post below.

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