Instagram Launches IGTV

Instagram is aiming to compete with Snapchat, and possibly even YouTube, with their latest update.

Instagram IGTV

The social media site, which is owned by Facebook, is hosting an event today in which it is speculated that they will be introducing a new video function. Reports are swirling that Instagram will be offering a new extended video service.

According to Tech CrunchInstagram is set to introduce a new feature for longer videos that will function much like Snapchat’s Discovery section.

Users will reportedly be able to upload videos that last up to 60 minutes, which is much longer than Instagram’s current one minute limit. CNETwho will be live streaming the event, reports that the new service is geared towards giving users a platform to tell much longer stories.

Whether that be a political narrative, a travel vlog, or a makeup tutorial, Instagram wants to create a platform that allows users to promote their lifestyles. The long-running videos will be accompanied by ads so that users who bring in an enormous amount of viewers can also get paid.

The service will be called IGTV.

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