Robert De-Niro Set To Star In New Standalone “Joker” Movie

When Robert De Niro isn’t busy insulting Donald Trump or directing plays on Broadway, the veteran actor still finds time to take on roles in movies.

Robert De-Niro

This is one that could be very exciting – That Hashtag Show somehow got their hands on some of the casting descriptions for DC’s forthcoming Joker origin movie and the claim that the Taxi Driver star might be lined up for a supporting role.

However, according to That Hashtag Show’s sources, producers ‘may be targetting’ De Niro for the role.
Conveniently, Martin Scorsese is co-producing the movie (alongside writer/director/producer Todd Phillips) – he and De Niro have a long history of making films together, including
Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Cape Fear and Casino.

So while that character description could easily fit, say, Harrison Ford or Richard Gere, De Niro would kind of make sense.

That Hashtag Show also report that the role is a ‘very strong supporting one’ so it would make sense for someone of De Niro’s calibre to be cast for it. Not that Gere or Ford aren’t superstars. We didn’t mean that, guys.

Anyway, it’s a potentially exciting development for a film that’s really piquing our interest. Filming is reportedly scheduled to begin in September, and while it’s not yet confirmed, Joaquin Phoenix is expected to take on the role of the villain who becomes Batman’s arch nemesis.

The working title for the film is Romeo and what’s really intriguing is that it’s going to take place outside of the universe of the existing DC films – so it could well create an entirely new mythology for the Clown Prince Of Crime that stands outside any existing DC movie continuity.

While Joaquin Phoenix has been very coy about his involvement (or otherwise) in the movie, he has hinted that it’s something he’d likely be up for. Back in April, in a slightly rambling quote, he told that he certainly wouldn’t rule out playing The Joker.

“I don’t know… it could be an interesting character,” he said. “I don’t know. I see [a superhero movie] as any other movie. I wouldn’t say… ‘I won’t do Westerns.’ It depends on what it is. I don’t really care about the genre, I care about the character and the filmmaker.

“If you have the ability to transcend the genre, then that’s what you want to do. So I wouldn’t say, hands down, no – I wouldn’t do that kind of movie.”

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