See Reason Blac Chyna Was Dumped By Her Teen Boyfriend

We reported yesterday that Blac Chyna’s teen rapper boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay has ended relationship with the reality star.

Blac Chyna dumped

Although in the break up post he posted, he did not give reasons as to why the break up. New reports reveals that the young boy who wants to be young and not be tied down with a woman with problems found Chyna ‘too clingy’.

A source close to Jay told Radar that the single mom of two “freaked him out” when she started talking about their future and wanting to have his children.

“She wanted a very serious relationship and started talking about wanting more kids with him,” the source claimed. “All that scared the hell out of him.

“Jay had to let her go. She’s too clingy.”

The source said the breakup was amicable and Jay is still cool with Chyna but, at this point in his life, he wants to focus on his music and being a teenager!

“He wants to be young and not be tied down to a grown woman with two kids and lots of drama going on in her life,” the source explained.

“Plus, he’s seen how things ended with Tyga and Rob, and he’s too young to have those type of adult problems in his life.”

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