Drake’s “Scorpion” Billboard In Toronto Hints At Double Disc Album

Drake’s Scorpion album is dropping next Friday and as he prepares to drop his highly anticipated album, several billboards have popped up across Toronto promoting the album.

Drake's Scorpion album

One of the Billboards feature a owl about to snatch a scorpion and underneath it, there’s another billboard that reads, “changing from boy to a man.”

Some of the other billboards share some cryptic messaging. One of them reads, “Don’t hit me when you hear this.”

However, the two other billboards seem to hint at an abundance of music and a possible double disc album. One of them reads, “A Side B Side.” And another Billboard says, “Is there more.” In addition, Drake’s last two projects have been pretty lengthy so it doesn’t seem like it’s not possible.

Clearly, Drake’s been hard at work on his new album and we’re nothing but excited to hear what he has to offer on it.

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