Female Reporter Who Was Assaulted During World Cup Live Report Gets Apology

A female reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran who was assaulted by a football fan during a live broadcast has been apologized to.

Female Reporter Apologize

The Russian soccer fan who assaulted her apologized in a taped Skype conversation, calling his groping and kissing of the reporter during a live broadcast last week an “unsuccessful joke.”

Gonzalez Theran was reporting on the tournament from Saransk, Russia, last Friday when the man ran up to her during a live shot, grabbed her breast, kissed her on the cheek and ran away. Gonzalez Theran continued her report as if nothing had happened. Footage of the incident quickly went viral.

The man, who was unnamed in a video posted to Deutsche Welle’s website, apologized to Gonzalez Theran over a Skype call that was captured by the German media outlet after the man reached out expressing regret. He said he did not intend to touch her chest in the taped segment.

Gonzalez Theran then replied to the man. “I appreciate you reached out to me to apologize for your misconduct,” she said over Skype. “What happened was unacceptable and disrespectful, but it’s the right thing to do and I accept your apology. Every single person must be respected, regardless of their religion, their nationality, their background, that’s why we are here. To share with other cultures. It’s not about football, it’s in order to understand other cultures better.”

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