Mother of XXXTENTACION Announces The Late Rapper Was Expecting A Child

With advancements happening quickly in the investigation of XXXtentacion’s murder, his mother remains a vocal source for many updates regarding his death.

XXXTENTACION expecting a baby

She noted last night at a vigil that tattoo artist Dedrick D. Williams had been arrested in connection to the crime. Now, another ray of light is shining after the unfortunate events of Monday as we may be welcoming Jahseh Jr. into the world shortly.

On her official Instagram account, XXXTentacion’s mother revealed that her son was expecting a child, posting the ultrasound for all to see.

While she does not say who the mother of the baby is, the news brings to mind the viral video going around of X speaking about death and his life. The late rapper said, “If I die, I will be born again.”

Announcing the news as his “final gift,” there is no news on how far along the woman is in her pregnancy or who the expecting mother is.

While devastating that the child will grow up without a father, they will be able to look back at what XXXTentacion created over his lifetime and hopefully smile at his contributions to the music world.

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