Solider Kidd Demands An Apology After Being Accused Of Killing XXXTentacion

Yesterday, law enforcement in the USA revealed that they arrested a suspect in XXXTENTACION’s murder.

Solider Kidd

The suspect went in front of the court today and was charged with first degree murder. He was also denied bond due to probably cause.

The police are still looking for two more suspects involved in the killing but there hasn’t been any reports of their arrest.

South Florida rappers Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo were initially accused being behind XXXTENTACION’s murder on the internet which prompted both of them to share videos denying any involvement.

Now that a suspect has been detained, the two are seeking an apology.

Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo took to Instagram to share a message following the arrest of XXXTENTACION’s murder suspect. The two of them demanded an apology after they were accused of killing the late rapper. ‘

“I’m hopping on the ‘Gram again to let y’all know that I ain’t find none of that shit fair, what y’all accusing me of killing X and what not. I just feel like I deserve an apology from all y’all. Everybody that tried to crucify me in my comments. All the celebrities that’s trying to promote that I killed this man,” he said. “All y’all was wrong and I could prove y’all wrong.”

He continued, “RIP to X and all our condolences to his family but y’all done gave us fame and we finna run with it.”

Despite being accused of killing XXXTENTACION, it looks like Soldier Kidd plans on taking the attention he’s received to help launch his career in the rap game.

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