XXXTentacion’s Murder Was Reportedly Premeditated

Now that Xxxtentacion’s killer has been arrested more news of the rapper’s death have been revealed.

According to TMZ, Dedrick W. Williams had a plan to kill and documents say there was a “brief struggle” when he and his accomplice confronted X.

Two men jumped out of a vehicle and approached X with guns demanding his property. After X seemingly didn’t give in right away, they shot him and they grabbed one of his bags and got away.

The publication notes that just because it was premeditated doesn’t mean X was necessarily the target. The victim could have been anybody who looked like they had expensive valuables on them. Police are still searching for two more suspects in the murder.

Dedrick is facing one count of first-degree murder and is being held without bond. He is due back in court on Monday for a probation violation from a 2014 case and he is also being booked for driving without a license.

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