No Narcotics Found In Anthony Bourdain’s Body ~ French Officials

It’s been more than two weeks since Anthony Bourdain was found dead by apparent suicide at his hotel in France.

Anthony Bourdain

Since then, a prosecutor declared there was no evidence of foul play in the incident where Bourdain reportedly hung himself.

Now, more information is coming out about the Parts Unknown host’s death.
The New York Times reports a French judicial official said they didn’t discover any narcotics in Bourdain’s body after his death. However, they said there was a “trace of a nonnarcotic medicine in a therapeutic dose.”

Bourdain has since been cremated in France but his family plans to have a “small, private ceremony” in the United States for the world traveler.

“He would want as little fuss as possible,” said his mom, Gladys Bourdain, who worked as an editor for the New York Times . In the meantime, Gladys is planning to get her first (and likely last) tattoo to memorialize her late son. She told the New York Times that although she didn’t like her son’s tattoos, she’ll be visiting his tattoo artist to get “Tony” tattooed in “small letters” on the inside of her wrist.

Since Bourdain’s death, countless celebrities—including Gordon Ramsay, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Chrissy— have shared memories of the late chef. Former DC Comics editor Karen Berger also shared some insight on Bourdain’s love for comic books and how his graphic novel, Get Jiro! , came made it to bookstore shelves. Jada Pinkett-Smith also spoke about the tragic news and urged the importance of mental health and practicing self-care.

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