Toddler Dies After Mom Leaves Him In Car For 10hrs While She Socialized

A 23-year-old California mother was arrested after allegedly leaving her 18-month-old son in a hot car for 10 hours while she “socialized” with friends.

Toddler Dies in Car

Police say Alexandrea Raven Scott left her son Chergery Teywoh Lew Mays inside of her car around 3 a.m. Wednesday while she visited friends.

“Once there, Scott, who resides in Humboldt County, socialized with people while leaving her child in the back seat of her car which was parked in front of the residence with the windows rolled up,” according to a statement by the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office.

“It is believed the child was left unattended in the back seat of the vehicle with the windows rolled up for about 10 hours,” it continued.

Scott allegedly discovered her son in the back seat at about 1 p.m. and took him to Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits, police stated. He was pronounced dead upon arrival.

She was arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail for willfully causing or permitting a child to suffer great bodily injury or death.

Records show temperatures reached 90 degrees on the day Kash died. The heat index was 98 degrees.

The Centers for Disease Control say that it is never safe to leave children unattended in a car in any weather, even with the window cracked open.

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