Catholic Priest Suspended For Rapping In Church

A Kenyan Catholic priest, Paul Ogalo has been suspended for one year for rapping in church.

Catholic Priest Suspended

The 45-year-old based in Rapogi Parish has been using rap music to urge youth to stop using drugs and to get involved in environmental and social justice issues. He recently hit media headlines over his unique way of preaching the gospel and discouraging social vices such as drug abuse.

After the daily masses, Ogalo would change from his vestments into a white shirt, black shorts and a red bandana in which he could begin rapping for the congregation.

Not left behind, the congregation also danced along to the tunes.

Ogalo said the rap music is taking care of the interests of youths in our churches.

“We need to change the way we do things,” he said. The church had been closely monitoring Ogallo’s new found style of attracting the youth and was not pleased with his dressing code.

Judicial vicar of the inter-diocesan tribunal of Kisumu, Father Charles Kochiel said Ogalo’s rap music brings mixed signals to the congregants.

“People could be looking at it from the social point of view, like bringing people on board, gathering and entertaining people. But people could also be looking at this from the spiritual point of view: Does it promote spiritual values or is it sending a wrong message?” Kochiel said.

Watch video of Fr Ogalo rapping below:

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