Kanye West & Chance The Rapper Might Be Working To Drop An Album

While the “Wyoming sessions” have come to a close, Kanye has expressed some interest in keeping up his collaborative streak.

Chance the rapper

Both CyHi The Prynce and Ty Dolla $ign have hinted at the possibility of their own projects produced by Kanye, and a tweet from collaborator Francis Farewell Starlite, better known as Francis & The Lights, suggests Chance The Rapper could be getting involved as well.

After Francis tweeted about Teyana’s new album, a fan asked about the rumors of additional Kanye-produced projects. “please tell us he has a couple more coming, maybe chance??” they wrote. “I’ve heard rumblings of that yes but he probably needs at least 6 hours of sleep right now,” Francis responded, seemingly confirming the possibility of a Chance and Kanye project but also indicating that West has been stretching himself pretty thin over the last few weeks and will require a break. He later Instagrammed the tweet, which certainly makes the hint of a collaboration seem more official.

Fans of Chance will recall that he spoke of a collaborative album between himself and Kanye back in 2016. According to him, the two were working on a project called Good Ass Job, which was originally meant to be the concept that followed up Kanye’s Graduation. “We definitely have at least two songs I could say I know would be on Good Ass Job, but to be, you know, back in the bunker and be at the spot and have that time to just sit and make stuff everyday is my dream,” he told Power 106 at the time. It’s unclear whether this rumored collaboration with Kanye and Chance would share anything in common with those sessions. For now, let’s just take Francis’ word and let Kanye get some sleep.

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