Nelly Threatens To Cut Off His Dad Financially, Calls Him Out On Social Media

We don’t know exactly what it is that Nelly’s father did or said to incur his rage, but we do know that he’s mad as hell about it. Last night, Nelly went on Twitter and denounced his father completely.


“The word father is a strong word. Something I never knew anything about as a child because mine never did what he had to do only what he wanted,” Nelly writes. He also adds an all-caps message exclaiming that he wouldn’t be paying his dad’s bills anymore. Afterwards, the posted a screen shot of that tweet on Instagram, and went at him a second time.

“Just because it’s ya DNA DONT MAKE YOU A FATHER..!!!,” he wrote in the caption. “Mine never saw me play sports never taught me anything never saw me graduate and I still took care of him for almost 20 years he never to care of me for half that..!!!!”

If Nelly is willing to air out his family business like that on the internet, be must be very upset. There is a silver lining however, as he did the exact same thing with his mom, except praising her instead.

Hopefully Nelly and his dad get to make up.

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