Philippines President Calls God Stupid

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has stirred a controversy after he called God “stupid” and a “son of a b***h” for the concept of the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve.

Philippines President Calls God

Duterte made the statement on Friday evening during a speech in his southern home city of Davao, where he questioned God’s logic in the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve.

“Adam ate (the fruit of knowledge), then malice was born. Who is this stupid God?” he said.

“That son of a b***h is stupid if that’s the case. You created something perfect and then you think of an event that would tempt and destroy the quality of your work.”

Duterte also questioned the rationale of original sin, noting, “That was your mother and father’s deed — you weren’t born yet, but now you have original sin. What kind of religion is that? I can’t accept it.”

Following the criticism over the president’s statements that have angered the predominantly Catholic nation, he president’s spokesman Harry Roque urged the public to accept the leader’s use of strong language when he expressed his beliefs saying it was his “personal belief”.

“That is the personal belief of the president,” Mr Roque said. “We are free to believe in religion and we are also free not to believe in religion. The President has his personal spiritual beliefs.

“We cannot fault the president if he has no sense of hypocrisy and we should accept that because even when he was just a candidate, he never hid that from us.”

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