Sex Doll Can Now Refuse Sex If Not In The Mood

Sex robot now have the intelligence to go on sex strike.

Robot Samantha has sensors hidden under her skin so that she can respond to affection like a real-life girl. But she also has a revolutionary electronic brain which puts her in charge in the bedroom.

sex doll refuse sex

Samantha is built to please, with motorised hands, hips and other body parts.

She has been designed to purr like a kitten and whisper endearments – but only if stimulated in the correct way.

A micro-computer inside her plastic skull can also remember previous interactions with her owner to improve future experiences.

And she can be switched between “family”, “romantic” and “sex” settings – including an ultra-raunchy “extra naughty” level depending on what you had in mind for the evening.

But buyers expecting a soulless sex slave will be mortified to discover that Samantha is programmed to enter “dummy” mode when bored with their attentions.

Her sensors are also designed to detect when touching becomes too aggressive or disrespectful – and this will result in the droid becoming unresponsive.

Samantha already exists as a prototype and is expected to go into mass production soon, with a £3,600 price tag.

She was invented by Spanish scientist Dr Sergi Santos and his wife Maritsa Kissamitaki.

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