Apple Set To Make Major Tweaks To Unreleased AirPods

Apple is taking their audio products seriously.
While Apple’s tech products continue to prove themselves to be as popular as ever, their earphone tech has fallen behind in recent times.

Apple Earpods

Besides the classic white-cord ear buds, their biggest update to their earphone line was the introduction of the wireless AirPods, which drew some initial skepticism upon their unveiling. However, a new report from Bloomberg claims that Apple is trying to change that.

Apple soon plans to unveil new and improved AirPods, a new Homepod speaker, and a brand new pair of over-ear headphones, according to reports.

For the AirPods, Apple is working to add some new features, and improving the capabilities that were already there. As such, the new AirPods will feature noise-cancelling technology, and will be waterproof, giving them more resistance to sweat so people can take them running if they want. They’re also looking to extend the range that the AirPods will work away from your phone, as well as additional features such as a heart-rate monitor for athletes. The improved pods will likely cost more than the already expensive originals, but they’re considering doing a segmented product line, so you could still buy the old ones if you want to.

The over-ear headphones will reportedly be used to compete with high-end studio headphones such as Bose and Sennheiser. The new product will use Apple’s branding, and will be entirely separate, and more expensive, than their Beats line of headphone products.
Both the new AirPods and the new headphones are set the be launched some time in 2019.

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