Daughters Conspire With Their Mother To Kill Their Father Because He Wouldn’t Allow Them Wear Jeans

A mother and her four daughters conspired to murder their policeman father so they can get his £88,000 pension also because he wouldn’t allow them wear jeans.

Daughters Conspire With mother

Police in Uttar Pradesh in northern India arrested Zahida Begum, 52, and her daughters Saba, 26, Zeenat, 22, Iram, 19, and Alia,18, at their house in Shahjahanpur after the women confessed to hiring two contract killers to kill Meharbaan Ali, a sub-inspector.

Ali’s body was found in a sewage canal just 250 metres from their house on Sunday morning, after which an investigation was launched.

Police said significant clues from close circuit cameras installed at the location, which helped them crack the case.

After Ali’s body was found, an investigation was launched, with police saying that significant clues from close circuit cameras installed at the location helped them crack the case.

Daya Chand Sharma, Inspector at Sadar Bazaar police station, said the mother and daughters were upset with the strict restrictions Ali had imposed upon them, including banning them from wearing jeans.

He said: “Ever since the body of Ali was found, we suspected the involvement of family members, because the body was found just 250 metres from their house. We took out the call detail records of all the family members and found that Ali’s wife, Zahida, was regularly calling a number.”

The police investigation established that the victim had arrived home at 10.45am, after leaving the police station at 10am on Saturday.

Insp Sharma added: “Contract killers Tahseen and Ehsaan, who were called for his murder, were seen entering Ali’s house soon after and at around 1pm Ali was killed. The same evening after dark the contract killers again came to his house and with the help of his family members, took Ali in their motorcycle and dumped his body near a canal.

“A massive investigation operation was launched and all the CCTV cameras were checked for the recordings. Important clues were found in the video recordings that helped us solve the case.

“After that, we confronted the women, who confessed to the crime.”

Additional superintendent of the city police, Dinesh Tripathi, said: “There were three benefits which the family would have got after Ali’s death.

First, one of his daughters would have got a job in his place in the department. Second, his widow would have got the pension, which is half the salary. Moreover, the family would have got the funds which dependents of policemen get on the demise of the latter.”

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