Nigerian Man Jailed In The UK For Sexually Assaulting Woman Who Rented Room From Him

A Nigerian man, Francis Ezenwankwo has been jailed in the UK for sexually assaulting a woman who rented a room from him online.

Francis Ezenwankwo

The 34-year old had rented out his home to a woman who was visiting from another country. The woman slept in the room on the night of August 5, 2017, but woke up during the night to find Ezenwankwo in her bed.

She tried to kick him out but Ezenwankwo did not move and sexually assaulted her. The victim reported the attack to police and he was arrested on August 22 and charged with assault by penetration.

He appeared in front of Snaresbrook Crown Court on June 22 where he was found guilty and jailed for 6 years. He was also handed a 5-year sexual harm prevention order, which means he cannot offer any room for rent for the next five years.

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