Woman Gets Engaged After Being A Side Chick For 6 years And Had 33 Abortions

The story of this lady, @empyreall has gone viral after she shared her engagement ring on Twitter claiming that she was a side chic for 6 years and had 33 abortions but it all paid off because her man finally proposed to her and she said yes.


The woman wrote:

“after being the side hoe for 6 years, 33 abortions, and putting his mama in the hospital after running her over in a jeep Cherokee after she called me by his actual girlfriends name, he proposed and i said YES!!!”

While some commenters congratulating her for having the fortitude to make it through the difficulties in her relationship, others blasted her for being a “side hoe” in the first place and others are claiming that the woman is just trolling.

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