Nicki Minaj To Give Out Scholarships And Pay Up Student Loans Of 37 Fans

In 2017, Nicki Minaj responded to a fan’s tweet about college tuition by starting an impromptu streak of paying off student loan debts for dozens of her fans.

Nicki Minaj gives scholarship

The experience inspired her to start an ongoing college tuition fund called “Student of the Game,” and she recently announced a new round of winners.

Minaj’s team filtered through thousands of entries and selected 37 winners who were announced on her website, All 37 fans will have either their college tuition or student loan debts paid off by Minaj.

Met with a flood of entries, the announcement was delayed multiple times before the list finally went up. In early June, Minaj tweeted, “This shit has been very time consuming but I’m so moved by your desires to stay in college. So proud. You have no idea.”

In 2017, Complex spoke to some of the people who had their student loans paid off by Minaj the first time around. One fan named Jordan Kennedy said, “It definitely is a relief. It makes me want to grind even harder to finish school. I plan on going to law school, getting my degree in political science. It just makes me want to help people out in the future and return the favor in some way. It definitely is a huge relief, for sure.”

Always coming up with ways to interact with fans, Minaj is also currently holding an in-studio album listening party contest for her upcoming Queen project. Winners of college tuition money won’t be eligible for entry, but the rest of her fans are free to enter.

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