Nigerian Media Company Sues Floyd Mayweather For Scamming Them

A Nigerian media company is dragging celebrity boxer Floyd Mayweather out of the ring to a legal fight after claiming he scammed them.

Company Sues Floyd Mayweather

According to TMZ, Zinni Media is suing Mayweather for skipping out on five scheduled appearances. In June 2017, the suit alleges the company booked the famed boxer for appearances in Ghana and Nigeria to the tune of $375,000.

The company says it got Floyd to make a video confirming the appearances and even wired him $210,000 in advance. But days before the first event was to hold, Floyd failed to show up on his expected date.

Zinni claims there was an offer to reschedule for December 2017, with an increased price of $550,000. The company accepted, but Mayweather once again bailed and allegedly hasn’t returned the $210K.

Zinni is now taking Mayweather to federal court in California, and asking for $2 million to set things straight.

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