Voodoo Nurse Who Forced Women To Work As Prostitutes In Europe Jailed For 14 Years

Josephine Iyamu, the Nigerian nurse who who used voodoo magic to traffick five Nigerian women to Germany to work as prostitutes has been jailed 14 years in the U.K.

Voodoo Nurse

The 51-year-old was a ringleader of an international human trafficking crime network and lived in a huge Nigerian mansion complete with a servants’ quarters.

Iyamu would make the vulnerable women undergo ‘Juju’ ceremonies which would involve them drinking blood containing worms and eating the heart of a chicken.

Iyamu was handed a 14-year jail sentence at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday, in the first case of its kind in the UK.

Passing sentence, Judge Richard Bond told Iyamu: ‘Trafficking human beings is an ugly offence – it must always be dealt with severely by the courts to deter others from taking part in this vile trade.

‘You showed a complete disregard for the welfare of these women. You saw them not as living, breathing human beings but as commodities to earn you large sums of money.

‘All five of your victims had to be rescued from the boat they were on, before being put into a camp in Italy. You understood the potential dangers, you simply did not care.’

As well as being found guilty of five offences under the Modern Slavery Act, Iyamu was convicted of perverting the course of justice while on remand, by arranging for relatives of the complainants in Nigeria to be arrested.

Defence counsel John Benson QC told the court Iyamu had lost everything as a result of her conviction, including her hope of pursuing a political career in Nigeria.

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