Lukaku ; The Apotheosis Of The Belgian Tragedy

Consumer attention is drawn to whatever is entertaining. Kylie Jenner sits atop an 800 million dollar beauty empire she had built by selling beauty products she markets on the gram.


Hourly, she pouts for selfies and recommends her beauty products to her over 110 million followers on social media.

Fame is the most effective marketing tool in today’s world. You can be the best in the world at whatever you do if you can leverage on being entertaining. That’s where consumer attention is, even in a sport like football, if you can’t spice up the show, you may go home which is my biggest fear for the Belgian Congolese descent, Romelu Lukaku.

The world cup that is one sniff away from conclusion has seen Belgium, who were one of the, if not the only, favorite, exit at the semifinal stage against the studded France team. And fans who are disappointment ridden have taken turns to release venomous, depressing and esteem stripping bashes on the Belgian pin point striker, Romelu Lukaku.

Most fans have said the big man never shows up in the big games. That is rather an impulsive and too quick a judgement. To whom much is given, much is expected, yeah, but on the contrary, the point man has received less accolades than he deserves. We’ve seen him rain on the parade of opponent teams, coming and playing deep to help the team, make game changing runs and breathtaking turns, score important headers, give inspirational passes and assists as seen in the spirited 3 – 2 come back against Japan.


No games are small, no games are big. Every game is as important as the former and the next. Some times the best team never wins. Most times the best striker never scores, the lucky one does. And in this passionate game of football, fans never reach satiety. That is only natural, humans are insatiable. But, not many strikers are like Lukaku, not many, obviously.

But then, Lukaku have never had it fair. Not only was in born into a lower class home in Belgium to parents of African descent, he has never had the right balance in any squad he plays for. Think about his current team, Manchester United for a moment.

The Red Devils have too many players who can play on the left but not one proper right winger.

Jose Mourinho would need to sort that out. Get in players who suit Lukaku’s play. Characters who can play to his strengths. A proper winger on both sides.

Same applies for the Belgian side, only juxtaposed in this case. Lack of a proper right winger cost Lukaku his shine when pitched against France.

While we’d love to throw tantrums at the Black Belgian forward, It appears Eden Hazard was a key reason why Belgium couldn’t make it to the finals. His unwillingness to pass to Romelu didn’t do him any favors. I get it that he wanted to steal the limelight and Romelu Lukaku seemed to be getting in the way too much, but it was about putting the team first which as a captain he failed badly in. Hazard had overlooked Lukaku over and over even when he was well placed. Too angry for limelight he sacrificed the team he captains at the altar of elusive fame, which raises a very important question,

“Why was Kompany not the captain?”

Typical of the society we live in today, nobody wants to ask the right questions. Everyone wants to be savage and throw banters. It’s what makes us feel better. We feel like super heroes, untouchable, hiding behind anonymous personages on Social Media throwing jabs at what we don’t understand, and worst still, what we don’t even want to understand. It’s incomprehensible, beyond our mental grasp, yet our unwillingness to learn remains flawless.

But that’s beyond the point I tend to clarify.

Romelu Lukaku is just 25 years old, still in his prime and I dare say he’s yet to revel in its entirety. When it comes to overall contribution to the team, ‘Rom’ is the best in the world and he could get better.

But no! This Black Belgian of Congolese descent is the worst striker in the world! Typical! Romelu Lukaku is the Apotheosis of the Belgian Tragedy.

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