Super Eagles Player Shehu Abdullahi Beats Up Wife For Not Receiving Her Call In His Presence

Super Eagles player Shehu Abdullahi has reportedly beat up his wife, Sumayya Mustapha because she refused to answer her call in his presence.

Shehu Abdullahi

According to IB9ja the incident happened, last night, at the couple’s residence in Sokoto.

It was gathered that Sumayya was on the phone with someone and cut the call when Shehu came into her room.

However, when the phone rang again, she refused to pick it because the husband was always eavesdropping on her phone calls with friends and family.

She claimed that, at times, Shehu would hide to record her conversations. She also revealed that he is fond of accessing her phone while asleep to read her chats and take pictures of her chats.

She had enough yesterday and refused to pick her call in his presence, despite his insistence.

Angered by her refusal, he descended on her, leaving her with a red eye.

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