Sorry, No Album This Week ~ Chance The Rapper

Following an interview with his hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, many fans believed that Chance the Rapper would be releasing music ahead of his Special Olympics celebration performance this week.


While there is new work from Chano on the way, it won’t be this week.

Taking to Twitter, the newly engaged Chicago emcee revealed the album will not be coming this week but it’s not too far away.

“Sorry no album this week, def been in the stu tho,” Chance shared to fans. After revealing that Kanye West would be coming home to Chicago to assist with the project fans were on the lookout.

Speaking on forthcoming music, Chance shared that creating some music has been hard to release due to collaborating artists being connected to major labels.

There currently isn’t a timetable for new music from Chance the Rapper, however, it is likely not too far off with all of the rumblings of work being put in at the studio.


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