11 People Dead After Boat Capsizes In Missouri

A duck boat capsized and sank during a severe thunderstorm in Missouri, killing at least 11 people, some of them children, authorities said.


Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said at least five people are unaccounted for and seven others were injured in Thursday night’s incident on Table Rock Lake near Branson. “I believe it was caused by weather, yes,” he said.

Video posted by Jennie Phillips-Hudson Carr and shot from a nearby larger vessel showed two duck boats rocking and tilting to the side as the lake’s ripples turned into massive waves.

“Oh my God, those poor people, oh no!” someone says in the background as the water crashes into the bopping boats.
“If there’s kids on there, those poor babies,” a female voice says.
The boat was carrying 31 people, Rader said. Diving teams from various agencies scoured the waters for potential victims, and will resume again in the morning.

See video here

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