Rapper, Bobby Shmurda Confirms He Will Be Out Of Prison In 2020

Bobby Shmurda has confirmed he will be out of prison in late 2020.

ShmurdaShmurda, in a phone interview with This Is 50 published Thursday, also responded to rumors of some sort of disagreement with 6ix9ine . “Ain’t no beef, no problems,” Shmurda, who copped a plea deal on conspiracy and weapons charges in 2016, said of the artist who once pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance. “I’ve been hearing a bunch of crazy shit . . . First of all, I seen all the colors in the hair and all that shit and I started laughing.” Ultimately, however, Shmurda agrees that artists should express themselves however they see fit. “Motherfuckers wanna paint their hair pink, then paint their hair pink,” he said. “Fuck it.”

Shmurda also gave shouts to some of the newer artists he’s been introduced to recently, including Gunna and Lil Baby. “Man, I hear about everything, I ain’t gonna lie,” he said , adding that he fucks with “all the young boys that’s out there.” His advice to them? Avoid taking the same path he’s taken. “Everybody’s supposed to be living good and gettin’ money,” he said. “That’s it.”

Last week, Shmurda’s mother gave fans an update on how her son was doing in prison. “He is maintaining great spirits and will be home before you know it,” Leslie Pollard said on Instagram.


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