Woman Sets House On Fire Because She Was Not Invited To A Party

A Tennessee woman identified as Shameka Howse has been accused of setting a house on fire because she wasn’t invited to a party.

Tennessee woman

Howse was arrested and charged with vandalism, aggravated arson and reckless endangerment/assault with a deadly weapon.

According to an affidavit from the Metro Nashville Police Department, Howse and an unidentified man pulled up at a house on North 29th Avenue in Nashville on June 28 and when she began screaming about not being invited to a party at the house.

When the people in the home wouldn’t let her inside, she allegedly told them she was going to set the house on fire.

From there, police said she walked back to the truck, pulled out a jug of lighter fluid and started pouring it over the front window of the house. Police says she then took a butane lighter and lit a fire.

According to investigators, Howse and the unknown driver fled as three people inside the home tried to put it out. The flames were extinguished before any serious damage was caused, and no one was hurt.

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