Petition To Rehire ‘Guardians Of Galaxy’ Director, James Gunn Reaches 190k Signatures

Fans aren’t happy with Disney’s decision.
Disney made a controversial move when they decided to fire Gaurdians of the Galaxy director James Gunn.

James Gunn

Gunn tweeted out several questionable jokes concerning rape and pedophilia a decade ago, and his comments were only recently unearthed.

It’s a shame that jokes, or comments, that people made years and years ago are coming back to haunt them now, but such is life. Gunn has earned support from Dave Bautista, who stars in the Guardians films as Drax.

“I will have more to say but for right now all I will say is this..@JamesGunn is one of the most loving, caring, good natured people I have ever met,” wrote Bautista on Twitter.

Fans of the Guardians movies are striking back at Disney, and they are attempting to get Gunn rehired as the director for the third installment of the Marvel film.

An online petition has already garnered 199,257 signatures, with a goal of 200,000 placed as the headline. You can sign the petition here .

Selma Blair ( Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde, Hellboy) took to Twitter to share the petition, and also offer her support for Gunn.

“Because if people are punished despite changing, then what does that teach people about owning mistakes and evolving? This man is one of the good ones,” she wrote.

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