Dead Baby Found On AirAsia Plane

An infant was discovered dead inside the bathroom on an AirAsia India flight that arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday, police and the aircraft said.


The mother of the infant was on the flight and is suspected to have given birth while on the flight.

She is being held by the police for scrutinizing, an officer at the New Delhi airplane terminal police headquarters said.

As indicated by previous reports, the newborn child was found with bathroom tissue in its mouth and police are examining whether the infant was stillborn. Authorities said the plane was flying in from the eastern city of Guwahati and declined to give additional information.

AirAsia India said the lifeless infant was found by onboard staff as they were preparing for landing.

The airline, a minimal effort transporter, is a joint wander between Malaysia’s AirAsia Berhad and Indian aggregate Tata Sons.

The carrier said they informed the nation’s aeronautics specialist, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, about the episode. “We will aid the examination and collaborating with every single concerned organization,” it included.

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