Peter Reveals What Led To The Break Up Of Music Group P-Square

Peter Okoye, one half of the defunct group, P-square, has revealed the shocking reason that led to the end of the famous music group.

P-Square breakup

One year after the split, with the twin brothers launching a solo career, Peter Okoye (Mr. P) who turned up for an event in Kenya, disclosed that his twin Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) disrespects his wife. He added that he opted for the split, because he had to put his wife and children first because of the vow he made on his wedding day.

“In life what we call family value is important. “The fans want Psquare but how many times do you want Psquare to come back and break up.

“We’ve broken up three times and the same issue is still there. So if P-square is going to come back we need to settle that issue. P-square might come back, they might not come back.

“I pulled out the plug because I felt the disrespect coming from my family (was) getting too much,”

“There’s something we call marginalisation. Don’t ever be a slave because you want to be family.

“Psquare can only come back if the respect comes 100 percent.

“I don’t disrespect my brother’s wife neither, his family but he does that to me all the time. He’ll insult me and my family in public, on Instagram, and the next minute he’ll wait for me backstage for us to perform together.

“I can’t do that. One thing is for sure, I took a vow to protect my wife and kids the day I got married and I stick to that.”

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