(VIDEO) Lady Goes On Livestream Laughing While Her Friend Was Getting Raped

A sickening video circulating online shows the moment a Louisiana lady livestreamed herself laughing while her friend was being sexually assaulted and possibly raped.

Lady livestreams rape

The incident happened in Plaquemine Louisiana and it was Livestreamed out to Thousands of people throughout the world.

The video starts with a woman hearing screams – coming from a room inside the home where she was staying. It’s not clear whether she was there for a party, or for some other occasion.

The woman immediately begins Livestreaming the screams and at first she seems frightened but eventually she starts Laughing at the victim’s piercing screams.

Commenters called in to the Live – and attempted to convince the streaming lady to HELP the victim who was yelling “stop raping me” in the background. But she didn’t help, and continued to stream.

Watch the video HERE

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