Young Shall Grow Driver Accused Of Biting Man Because He Cautioned His Reckless Driving

A Young Shall Grow driver has been accused of biting a man because the man tried cautioning him over his reckless driving.

young shall grow driver

According to an IG User, @beepamanda, the incident occurred at Ore, Ondo State, when they stopped over to have lunch.

Read what she posted below:

“When we were coming from warri today we stop at Ore to have lunch,the driver of young shall grow motors wanted to hit our sisters while he was trying to park and just because i questioned him while the reason he drove that way,he came down from the bus and started a fight with the young man in the picture . As he was trying to fight with the young shall grow driver to defence,he just bit the chest and hand as seen in the pictures & video! He was even trying to fight the young man family that try to peace after all he did him….crying out loud here to reach out to the owner of young shall grow motors to know the kind of driver they employ.Thanks”

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