Cardi B Says She’s Focusing On Getting Her Curvy Body Back This Week

Cardi B decided to hop on Instagram Monday night and give a little info about getting her body back.

Body back

Cardi admits that she’s been lazy as shit lately following her daughters birth, but she’s changing that this week and getting her body right.

“Just so you know when I was pregnant I use to tell myself that when I give birth I’m putting a waist trainer on right away and bitch I’m snappin’ back,” she said. “But on some G shit, as soon as I gave birth I been so fucking lazy. It’s like fuck that shit, but I got to remind myself I’m an entertainer. So I got to do what I go to do. So starting this week I’m gonna start waist training, I really can’t exercise right now cause I really cant move my legs,” she added before going onto talk about her teami drinks in the process.

She left the caption, saying we ain’t going to see her body until she gets it all the way back. “I’m trying to pee and shit all this lil weight on me .Ya ain’t seeing my body till i snap back motherfuckers??? This @teamiblends gonna do the work !!! Teamiblends and waist straining all summer shlong !”


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