Tips For Actually Relaxing During Vacation

There was a time not that long ago when people didn’t travel everywhere with a smartphone. Due to this, it may be hard to unwind and detach on vacation these days.


This said, it’s not impossible to have a relaxing vacation. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, highlights few pointers to help you tune out the noise and actually relax during vacation.

Go somewhere where you can relax

When you think of a place that creates calm and peace in the mind, where do you go? Is it the beach or a national park? Find a balance between a place you and your kids (if you’re bringing them along) can enjoy. If you’re bringing the kids, it’s a must to ensure there are activities for the whole family. This allows you some downtime away from parenting.

Don’t over schedule it

This means stick to one location for a period of time for a few days or even the entire vacation. Only aim to do a few things each day, such as read by the pool, make the family a meal or do something active etc. The aim is to try not to do too much in one day. If you think it might be too much, then it probably is.

Enjoy the moment

Our lives revolve around running from one thing to the next, and when you go on vacation is the time to slow down. Set an intention to enjoy your vacation time, foster connections with your family, and do things you might not normally do.

Be flexible

Nothing ever goes according to plan. If you notice you are getting tight around how you want something to go or be, see if you can practice forgiving and letting go. Just be flexible because things may not always go as planned.

Take time for you

You may be sharing time and space with others, but see if you can carve out some me time every day to revitalise and re-energise yourself. You can go for a walk, take a swim, read, etc. If you take this time, you will have so much more to give to your life.

Do things on your terms

The instruction is to get back on your clock, not the workday clock. This means eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, sleep when you need to sleep and wake up when your body feels ready to wake up. Re-set and your mind and body will thank you.

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